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Investment Vehicles


Your goals matter. Your challenges are unique.

That’s why we’re focused on helping you find the investment products that can offer optimal returns with a commensurate amount of risk.
Whether you need traditional active, passive and cash management strategies, or you’re ready to explore engineered and alternative products, we can help you construct a well-balanced portfolio designed with your investment objectives in mind.
Exchange Traded Funds
Our FlexShares investor-centric ETFs are specifically designed with real-world goals in mind. Each pursues distinct investment outcomes to help meet a variety of investment needs.

Mutual Funds
We offer no-load  funds for every investor. From extensive research to active risk management and well-defined buy-sell criteria, we invest with a discipline honed over more than a century of market highs and lows.

Securities Lending
Our experienced team can help you strive to optimize the value of your portfolio through a securities lending program that fits within your risk-tolerance parameters. With our exceptional capital strength, customized solutions, proven results and advanced technology, we’re a committed, dependable partner for clients like you.

Common & Collective Funds
We offer a number of cost-efficient pooled funds to qualified institutional and individual investors.

Separately Managed Accounts
We can construct customized, transparent and tax-efficient portfolios for qualified investors.

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To learn more about how we can help you move toward your investment goals, contact your relationship manager or call us at +1-877-651-9156

Capital Market Assumptions: 2018

Modest growth, benign inflation and slowly increasing interest rates provide a constructive backdrop to our asset class forecasts.