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Non-financial Asset Management


The expertise to manage your most complex investments

Northern Trust’s team of asset advisory specialists provides sophisticated strategies for managing these complex and unique assets.

Real Estate and Agricultural Services

We serve as an experienced fiduciary to help you

  • Manage accounting and property issues for income producing real estate
  • Assemble necessary documents including deeds, abstracts and insurance policies
  • Determine adequacy of insurance
  • Coordinate the payment of taxes, bills and assessments

Oil, Gas and Minerals Management

Maximize ownership of these assets by appointing Northern Trust to manage them for you. Our experienced oil and minerals management team includes a geologist and registered professional engineer who can help you

  • Identify mineral assets held in trust and agency accounts
  • Coordinate environmental assessment of working interest properties
  • Collect revenues, pay operating expenses and provide monthly reporting
  • Manage day-to-day operations of the mineral assets similar to a small production company
  • Evaluate and negotiate leases, farmouts, gas purchase contracts and related industry agreements
  • Value mineral assets for sales and tax purposes

Northern Trust financial professionals can also assist you with highly specialized trustee management of

  • Copyrights, patents or royalties
  • Artwork
  • Lifestyle assets such as aircraft and yachts